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Sunday, August 21, 2016

How do I make sure customers don’t order out-of-stock items?

One of the biggest challenge with drop shipping is that it can be difficult to know when an item is available at the warehouse – and when it’s out of stock. When a customer orders an item that is listed in-stock and then discovers it’s actually not available, it’s a very poor experience. If this happens too much, your business’ reputation can suffer.
A few advanced drop shippers will have real-time inventory feeds, but these can often be difficult to incorporate into your store. Fortunately, there are services that make it easy to sync your store up with a supplier’s real-time feed and keep inventory counts accurate.
But in the likely event your drop shipper doesn’t have a feed – or it’s difficult to integrate it – you’ll need to rely on other strategies. The best safeguard against this problem is to work with multiple suppliers that have overlapping product lines. This way, if Supplier A is out of an item there’s a good chance Supplier B will have it in stock.
Regardless, keeping inventory and out-of-stock items properly reflected on your websites is one of the biggest challenges associated with drop shipping.
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